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Spine Products

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Material selection is one of the most important point for implants.
Titanium Alloy (Ti6Al4V-Grade 5 / ISO 5832-3 / ASTM F136) and PEEK (Polyether-ether-kethon / ASTM F2026) are used as raw materials for all Prodorth products and these are all originated from EU and USA. Both material are biocompatible and adequate for long term use (C = Permanent (> 30 days)).

PEEK material is a remarkable raw material with its unique properties;

•It does not cause any lesional problems
•Has elastical and hardness features near to bone tissue
•Titanium alloy materials give an opaque image under X-Ray, besides PEEK

materials is able to be viewed transparently. This provides a more efficient follow-up for the bone fusion through the implant material at post-operative period

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