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Quality Management

In our opinion, “A sustainable quality mentality” is the most critical fact for the permanency of a company. The main approach of STAHLMANN Pro is to maintain high quality products for the long run, an approach which aims at earning trust and building loyalty with our customers who we aim to serve for the long term.
Instead of using these certificates just as keys for trade, we prefer managing our business according the requirements of these systems. ISO 13485:2016 Quality Management System is efficiently adapted on the organization of STAHLMANN Pro and provides a 100% traceability from initial to final product.

Our main task with respect to Quality Management is ensuring a complete control in a reliable and continuous production quality with machining, polishing, washing, color anodizing and laser marking units within our organization.

​Biomechanical and biocompatibility tests were performed in accordance with ASTM and ISO standards which are required to launch our products to the market reliably, in addition all our products are firstly used by our surgeons and only launched to market after the successful clinical outcomes are obtained.

STAHLMANN Pro has identified the problems during surgical operations and contacted surgeons on this issue. These feedbacks and internal discussions, analysis and wide researches provide new approaches which leads to new ideas.

Research and development to offer the innovative solutions will be always the priority of STAHLMANN Pro to which “R&D” initials were adopted.